About us

CSR Precision is your designated partner for high end CNC machined parts for various industries. 

Founded in 2010 while modifying and manufacturing competition motorcycle parts in the Dutch & European Championship Motocross and quickly gained experience in industrial markets like automotive, food, pharma and aerospace. 

Along with a growing personal interest in sport shooting & defence, our business grew accordingly, now providing the best products available on the market today in our Webshop.

We thrive in designing and manufacturing parts for environments where weight and durability are important. Where using exotic materials like composites, titanium and aerospace grade aluminium have become the standard. We still design and manufacture parts for all industries and we are only happy if our customer is. We can help making the 3D model and advise in material use, production technique, heat treatment and surface treatment. When the prototype has been approved a productionbatch can be made through one of our many machining partners.   

Did we spark your interest? Feel free to contact us and we will help you with a solution.