Explorer Cases 5326 Case Black for Drone Drone Phantom/DJI/3DR

Explorer Cases 5326 Case Black for Drone Drone Phantom/DJI/3DR

Explorer Cases
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The Explorer Cases 5326.BDR is a black transport case with a drone bag for Phantom/DJI/3DR drones. The case has inner dimensions of 538 x 405 x 250 mm. The case is indestructible, 100% waterproof and provides full protection for all your fragile and valuable belongings. Explorer Cases are fully certified to withstand the toughest conditions and shocks. Is there unexpectedly something wrong with your suitcase? Then you can rely on a lifetime warranty!

In the case there is a carrying bag for the drone, which you can also use as a backpack. Optionally available accessories allow you to equip this Explorer Case with, for example, picking foam, a combination lock or a shoulder kit..

- Explorer Cases part number: 5326.BDR
- Type: With drone bag
- Color: Black

Usage Explorer Cases 5326.BDR

The transport case is the tool to use with your Phantom, DJI Ronin and 3DR, or any other comparible camera drone. Due to its compact size and light weight, you can safely take the case - with its contents - with you wherever you go.

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Why Explorer Cases Italia?

• Lifetime warranty
• 100% waterproof, moistureproof and dustproof
• Resistant to chemicals through demonstrable certificates
• Resistant to hard shocks
• Effortless to use at temperatures from -33 to + 90 C°
• Allowed as hand luggage on the aircraft
• 100% Made in Italy