Explorer Cases 15416B Case Black with Foam

Explorer Cases 15416B Case Black with Foam

Explorer Cases
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The Explorer Cases 15416.B is a fully waterproof case with wheels and, with its 1.6m length, it is among the longest transport cases in the market. The interior dimensions of the case are 154 x 37.7 x 16 cm; the exterior dimensions are 163 x 45.5 x 18.3 cm. The case is sturdy, 100% waterproof and provides full protection for all precious belongings. This case is equipped with a pick foam set consisting of removable layers of foam.

On the bottom and on the long side, the case is equipped with a handle. In addition, the suitcase has wheels at the underside. This means that you can use the case vertically as a trolley, but you can also carry the case horizontally, only in that case not in combination with wheels.

Explorer Cases is fully certified and therefore able to withstand the harshest conditions and shocks. In the unlikely event that something should happen to your case? Then you can rely on a lifetime guarantee (not including your belongings in the case).

Application Explorer Cases 15416.B

The transport case is an indispensable tool for safely transporting longer objects, such as hunting weapons and accessories like rifle scopes. But this case is also a suitable solution if you want to transport several small objects at once. By means of optional accessories you can provide this Explorer Case with for example a combination lock.

Why Explorer Cases Italia?

• Lifetime warranty
• 100% waterproof, watertight and dustproof
• Chemical resistant with verifiable certificates
• Resistant to hard shocks
• Effortless to use in temperatures from -33 to + 90 C°
• 100% Made in Italy

The Explorer Case 15416.B is also available in the colors sand and green. Would you like to have this case in another color, or have you seen another Explorer Case that you cannot find with us? Please contact us.