Explorer Cases Multi Utility Box Desert Tan MUB78.DE

Explorer Cases Multi Utility Box Desert Tan MUB78.DE

Explorer Cases
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The MUB78.DE by the Italian Explorer Cases is a 78 cm long, waterproof multi utility box in the color Desert Tan. The universal case is lightweight and features wheels and an extendable handle. The MUB78 has internal dimensions of 780 x 410 x 330 mm and is therefore an ideal tool for transporting or storing (valuable) equipment.

- Explorer Cases article: MUB78.DE
- Model: Empty
- Color: Desert Tan (sand color)

Application Explorer Cases MUB78.DE

This box is suitable for use in situations where a high loading capacity is required. Think of use on construction sites or during maintenance. But this case is also very suitable for outdoor use and for transporting medical or nautical equipment. With the help of the wheels and extendable handle you can easily and safely take your belongings anywhere.

The MUB78 series is further available in black and green (see optional accessories). Have you seen another Explorer Case that you cannot find with us? Then please contact us.

Why Explorer Cases Italia?

• Lifetime warranty
• 100% waterproof, moistureproof and dustproof
• Chemical resistant with provable certificates
• Resistant to hard impacts
• Effortless to use at temperatures from -33 to + 90 C°
• 100% Made in Italy