Each product begins as a design. A well thought design can help the product and it's use in many ways, like saving weight, improving reliability and manufacturability. CSR Precision designs with the latest SolidWorks software. 

Freelance solidworks tekenaar


Reverse engineering/3D scanning 

Any product can be reverse engineered. Using Faro equipement we can scan your product with an accauracy of 0,05mm. 3D Scanning comes into play when CAD models are not available (anymore). By scanning the product, a digital file which can later be converted to a step file, is produced in a relatively fast and cost-effective way.

faro 3d scanning


Prototyping/3D printing

Once the CAD model is finished, the prototype will be printed using a 3D Printer to test fitment and take out final flaws before starting (mass) production.