PGM Precision Scope Mount 30 MOA (0.5°)

PGM Precision Scope Mount 30 MOA (0.5°)

PGM Precision
Inklusive moms.

Adjustable mount for all weapons with a picatinny rail (more than 10 cm/4˝) and any size of scopes.

Modularity: choice between 4 rings space thanks to 4 positioning holes.

Anti-recoil tenon.

Made with aircraft alloy 7075, our scope mounts are made to withstand up to BMG 50 caliber.

Doesn’t damage the scope, no honing of the rings is necessary.

STANAG mount for Picatinny interface

  • Simply mount on the picatinny rail with 2 screws using a 4 mm hexagon spanner.
  • Mount with a water level: 4 screws per ring with a 3 mm hexagon spanner.
PGM scope mount - 30 MOA

PGM scope mount – 30 MOA

Réf. α° D H Material Bubble level
AML018-01 30 MOA
30 mm 36 mm Aluminium No
AML018-02 34 mm 38 mm
AML018-03 30 mm 50.5 mm
AML018-04 34 mm
AML018-05 35 mm 40 mm
AML024-01   34 mm 38 mm   Yes